ICONYX Delivers Clarity for

Church of St. Agnes

St. Paul, MN-November 2017...  The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes is also the home of several beautiful Catholic churches, including the Baroque-style Church of St. Agnes. Dedicated in 1912, it's the third church on the site since the parish was founded in 1887. St. Agnes' 1,000-seat sanctuary is replete with stained glass, ornate columns, and other hard surfaces and features a dome that extends 60 feet above the floor. The main entrance accesses the sanctuary below a rear balcony; there is no under-balcony seating.



St. John's University Theater


       RENKUS-HEINZ  IC Live Install version

Saint John's University in Collegeville, MN updates their sound

system in their historic theater.


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Sioux Falls, South Dakota

SAINT JOSEPH'S CATHEDRAL located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota selected Renkus-Heinz ICONYX  to improve sound intelligibility.  We are proud to be part of this beautiful 16 million dollar restoration project.  It is from top to bottom a project performed with excellence.

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MuSonics consultants designed the sound system.


Audio Connections based in Brookings South Dakota integrated the Audio / Visual project.


The challenge was to integrate "virtually invisible " speaker system with incredible sound with high intelligibility in a beautiful church that had about a 6 1/2 second reverberation time.


Only Renkus-Heinz was found to fulfill those requirements with the excellence demanded.

SCHOFIELD AUDITORIUM located UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN EAU CLAIRE selected Renkus-Heinz IC LIVE TRIPLES INSTALLATION VERSION as well as Renkus-Heinz RHAON Dual 18" Powered Subs to ROCK OUT and improve sound intelligibility and sound coverage.  One of the most challenging parts of this project was to evenly "tuck" sound under the VERY low balcony (about 7 feet) without having to uses fills AND fill that balcony on the top with even sound...all with minimum slap back.  A challenge that our competition with even more expensive solutions could not accomplish.


We are proud to be part of this historical renovation project.  The improvements to this space for sound and visual is AMAZING!  When they 'crank the sound' you not only hear amazing sound...but you feel it!


Audio Architects based in Chippewa Falls, WI spear headed this important project with the assistance of Renkus-Heinz engineering and University of Wisconsin Eau Claire leadership.


Renkus-Heinz IC LIVE triple install version covered and exceeded expectations for the need.  The competition (even more expensive) could not properly cover the area required...and certainly not to the concert sound performance levels of Renkus-Heinz.


University of Wisconsin  Eau Claire


Bismarck North Dakota

NORTH DAKOTA STATE SENATE located in Bismarck North Dakota Chose ICONYX for the best solution for their optimum intelligibility needs.  Various acoustical challenges necessitated the implementation of Renkus-Heinz ICONYX solution for the all important intelligibility.



Renkus-Heinz ICONYX covered and exceeded expectations.

Intelligibly is HUGELY important in legal environments.  NOBODY does it better than Renkus-Heinz.

CATHEDRAL OF SAINT PAUL The Largest Cathedral in the upper Midwest, chose Renkus-Heinz IC 32s.  The system was designed and installed by  Metro Sound and Lighting bringing solution to their difficult acoustic challenges.


"We now have intelligible sound in every corner of the sanctuary".


Not only is the Cathedral of Saint Paul a beautiful worship center, but now beautiful clarity of sound has been added to its visual  beauty.


Thor Marketing Network is pleased to partner with  Metro Sound and Lighting assisting with  solving their clients' sound challenges with our solutions.


Thank You Randy and Brian from Metro Sound, Ladd Temple, National Sales Manager of Renkus-Heinz and the Renkus-Heinz design and support team for your dedication to excellent sound solutions and assistance with this project.


There will be more information and photographs coming soon.

US BANK STADIUM...Home of the Minnesota Vikings... The Newest of Mega Stadiums chose JUICE GOOSE for their Rack Power.


Juice Goose has a Long Reputation in the Stadium and Touring industries.  The reputation is durability and reliability.  Their products are proven to work in applications where there are no "retakes". Live Performance requires Reliable Performance!


Most of Juice Goose products are USA made in Houston Texas.


"The Versatility and Economics of Juice Goose Power Handling product line up is hard to beat".


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US Bank Stadium     Minnesota Vikings

Minneapolis  Minnesota

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